Christopher Iafrati

Hello to all (one) of you out there reading this! My name is Christopher Iafrati.
Life is a bit stranger for me right now and I'm unsure how to begin this, but I will try. I actually graduated with my first undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Buffalo in September of 2014. After graduating I went and saw what the world (read as: United States of America) had to offer. I spent time living in California, Tenessee and Colorado.
The majority of my time was spent in Colorado where I worked for a year as a teacher at an alternative school in the Rocky Mountains. It was a great time and I learned a lot.
The program was through Americorps and as a result I finished with a small educational stipend. This stipend was not enough to even make a dent in any masters programs so I figured I would return to UB to finish a psych degree that I missed by a mere 12 credits the first time around.
Well it turns out that when you finish one degree and reenroll you need to accumulate 30 credits in order to recieve your degree.
Never one to back down from a challenge I enrolled in a total of 27 credits for the fall semester and now find myself entirely invested in learning coding on top of my psychology requirements.
It has been an entirely rewarding experience.... so far.

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