1. How old were you before you became old enough?
  2. If the last person passes you in a race, what position are you in?
  3. What's keeping your house from going to the streets?
  4. If the skyfall, who is it falling for?
  5. Why can't you see the sun shining at night?
  6. What are three words every female wants to hear?
  7. Who's the best poet in the world?
  8. Where can you buy the book "How I Escaped Engineering School"?
  9. Why is gronela the best rapper in the game?
  10. Why is 6 scared of 7?
  11. Who's the first orange president of the United States?
  12. Why was the guitar instructor arrested?
  13. Why is the sun the best place to have a party?
  14. Where is hell located?
  15. What do you use to measure the speed of the wind?