estimated vs. actual
  1. It is appropriate to use "year event occured" as the explanatory vatiable because that is the independent variable, something that is not changed no matter who is estimating the years that this event had occured. The "estimated year event occured" is the response variable because it is the dependent variable and it changes based on the person who is making the estimation
  2. If I had guessed the correct answer for each year, the scatterplot would have looked like a straigt diagnal line
Strikes and Locks
  1. The number of strikes and lockouts was my explanatory variable because between the two categories, it was the only one that stood alone and did not depend on the other variable
  2. It looks like there is a positive, increasing relationship, should there be more data to be recorded. But with what I have, there isn't a clear relationship
  3. the second scatterplot shows the relationship between Strikes and Lockouts and the percentage of people with union membership
  4. They are not associated
Goveror's Salery vs. Per Capita Income
Governor's Salery and Per Capita Income
  1. The bar graph help to portray the difference between the governor's salary and the per capita income
  2. there's no association between the variables in my scatter plot because they are all over the place (random)
Governor's Salary Scatter Plot
  1. There are zero trends and associations in this data
  2. The (56,001, 150,000) data point stands out a lot because it is has the largest percapita personal income. The point (37, 300 and 70, 000) stands out a lot because it has the lowest goveronor's salary