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Chintan Thakker

Software Developer

Masters degree in Computer Science from University at Buffalo.

About Me

I am a Masters Graduate in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Systems and Software from University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

My curriculum comprising of courses like Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Operating Systems, Algorithms for Modern Computer Systems, Computer Security and Large Scale Distributed Systems has helped me to gain profound knowledge in the field of Computer Science. During my time as a System Engineer at Infosys Ltd, I had an opportunity to hone my skills in Web application development and Relational database systems. I was part of a team which developed a single page web application which was cross-platform compatible and had a responsive web design. I also worked on build automation system to debug build and test related failures using various tools. So this was one good opportunity where I got exposed to industry environment and worked on cutting edge technologies.

Currently, I am based in Bay area and actively seeking full time opportunities in software development field where I can utilize my academic and professional skills towards consistent growth of the organization.

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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering | Feb, 2017

GPA:- 3.56/4.0


Fall 2015: Algorithms for Modern Computer Systems, Information Retrieval, Distributed Systems, Computer Security.

Spring 2016: Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Applied Cryptography and Computer Security.

University of Mumbai, India

Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics and Telecommunication | May, 2013

First Class


Object Oriented Programming (F.E), Data Structure and Algorithms (F.E),Distributed Systems (S.E), Microcontroller and Microprocessor (S.E), Computer Networks (T.E), Digital Telephony (T.E), Neural Networks (B.E), Data Compression and Encryption (B.E), Image Processing (B.E), Digital Signal Processing (B.E)

Work Experience

Infosys Ltd, pune, Mumbai

System Engineer | sept, 2013 - June, 2015

Completed Infosys training at Mysore, India.

The training involved subject and practical understanding of Software Engineering, RDBMS(Relational Database Management Systems), Oracle Database, Core-Java, .NET which includes learning C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MSSQL, Visual Studio.

Completed the training with 4.7/5 GPA.

Single Page Application

Developed a modern, engaging and highly single page visible marketing web application which is cross-platform compatible and has a responsive web design for Investor team of a san francisco based peer-to-peer lending firm using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Experience working in an Agile development environment using Test Driven Development concepts, SEO friendly, and A/B testing concepts.

Build Automation Project

Worked on build automation system to debug build and test related failures using tools such as Microsoft Build Tracker, Visual Studio, Team Foundation server and source depot.

Academic Projects

Multilingual Search Engine for Tweets

Java, Apache Solr, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap | Spring 2016

Collected tweets in 5 different languages by crawling the Twitter API using twitter4j. Tokenized and Indexed ~12000 tweets in Apache Solr.

Performed cross lingual analysis by leveraging language detection, query translation, query expansion and field boosting.

Implemented the UI using Bootstrap to display query results based on ranking scheme selected by user.

Simple Amazon Dynamo - Replicated Key Value Storage

Java, Android, Socket Programming | Spring 2016

Designed and implemented a simplified Amazon Dynamo like Android application which covers ID space partitioning/repartitioning, ring based routing, node joins, Quorum replication with replication degree 3 and data recovery from replicated storage after failure.

The main goal is to provide both availability and linealizability at the same time.

Android Group Messenger

Java, Android, Socket Programming | Spring 2016

Developed an android group messenger application implementing Basic Multicast, Total and FIFO ordering of messages.

Implemented node failure handling to preserve ordering of messages.

Predicting Diabetes condition in Patients

Python, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib | Fall 2015

Predicted the probability of patient having Diabetes using five machine learning techniques a) LDA &QDA, b) Linear Regression, c) Ridge Regression, d) Ridge Regression using Gradient Descent and e) Non-Linear Regression

Handwritten Digits Classification

Python, NumPy, SciPy | Fall 2015

Implemented a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network to classify handwritten digits in MNIST dataset. Applied parametric variation in terms of hidden nodes and learning rate.

Feed forward and back propagation algorithm incorporating regularization were used to fine tune the neural network layers iteratively resulting in an optimal accuracy of 94.4% on test dataset.



























Feel Free to reach me out at:

101 E San Fernando St #100, Apt #306, San Jose, CA-95112, US