• Bright Group - Summer 2010
    (Top L-R) Randi Cattoi, Greg Martinez, Justin Reynard, Josh Brattlie, Nein Hunter, Prof. Frank V. Bright , Jonathan Hardin, Elmer Mojica, Mike Dabney.
    (Bottom L-R) Carley Caras, Kelly Yung, Nadine Kraut, Heather Clark, Abby Schadock-Hewitt
  • Tuning fs Ti:Sapphire (LEFT) , Sample excitation (RIGHT)
  • Pulsed light emitting diodes (LED)

Research Areas

Thank you for taking the time to view our web site and learn more about our research.
Our program has active research efforts in the following areas:

In each area we aim to establish a detailed molecular-level view to guide new device and material developments.

What we do ?


We have active research programs in the following areas:

Research Facilities


Shared, Multi-User Facilities
The Bright Group has access to major scientific facilities within UB

 Dedicated Research Laboratories

The Bright Group has dedicated research space within the UB Natural Sciences Complex


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Our Instrumentation


  • SLM model 48000 multi-harmonic Fourier instrument
  • Hybrid SLM model 4850 fluorimeter
  • Femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser system
  • IBH model 5000-W-SAFE
  • HP 8452A diode array spectrophotometer
  • Chromex model 250


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