Changsha Ma

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  • Security and Privacy Issues in Social Networks
  • Data Analytics
  • Secure Wireless Protocols


  • Ph.D Candidate in Computer Science (August 2013 - Present)
    University at Buffalo, the State University of New York
    Overall GPA: 3.9/4
  • M.S. in Information Security (June 2013)
    Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science in USTC
    Overall GPA: 89.5/100
  • B.S. in Information Engineering (June 2010)
    School of Information Science and Engineering in Southeast University
    Overall GPA: 85.0/100


  • C. Ma, Z. Yan, C. W. Chen. "SSPA-LBS: Scalable and Social-Friendly Privacy-Aware Location-Based Services." IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, submitted.
  • C. Ma, Z.Yan, C. W. Chen. "Forecasting Initial Popularity of Just-Uploaded User-Generated Videos", 2016 IEEE ICIP, Phoenix, USA.
  • C. Ma, Z.Yan, C. W. Chen. "Attribute-Based Multi-Dimension Scalable Access Control For Social Media Sharing." In IEEE ICME (oral presentation), Seattle, USA, 2016.
  • C. Ma, C. W. Chen. "Secure Media Sharing in the Cloud: Two-Dimensional-Scalable Access Control and Comprehensive Key Management." In IEEE ICME, Chengdu, China, 2014. Download
  • C. Ma, C. W. Chen. "Nearby Friend Discovery with Indistinguishability for Stalkers." In MobiSPC, Niagara Falls, Ontario, 2014.Download
  • K. Xue, C. Ma, P. Hong and R. Ding, "A Temporal-Credential-Based Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks", Journal of Network and Computer Applications. (accepted)
  • C. Ma, P. Hong and K. Xue, "Stateful Observation in CoAP", draft-ma-core-stateful observe-00, work in progress, July 2012.
  • C. Ma, K. Xue and P. Hong, "Distributed Access Control with Selectable Privacy-Preserving
    Property in Wireless Sensor Networks", Security and Communication Networks. (accepted)
  • C. Ma, K. Xue and P. Hong, "A Proxy Signature-Based Re-authentication Scheme for Secure Fast Handoff in Wireless Mesh Networks", International Journal of Network Security, Vol.15, No.1, Jan. 2013, PP.104-114.
  • C. Ma, K. Xue, P. Hong and R. Ding, "Hybrid Group Key Management Scheme Based on STR Unbalanced Tree Structure", Journal of University of Science and Technology of China, 2011, Vol. 41, No. 7, pp. 582-588. (in Chinese)
  • C. Ma and A. Hu, "Research on Improving the Speed of RSA Algorithm", Information
    Security and Communications Privacy, 2010, Vol. 10, pp. 80-82. (in Chinese)


  • 2016 CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop Invitation
  • Excellence Award of Global Digital Creations Holdings Ltd (2012)
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Students (2012)
  • Excellent Graduate of Southeast University (2010)
  • The Third Prize in ADI Cup Southeast University Design Competition (2009)
  • The First Prize in Altera Cup CPLD Circuit Design Contest in Jiangsu Province (2008)
  • Southeast University President Scholarship (2008)
  • Lei Ke Scholarship (2007)


  • Research Intern in FutureWei Technologies, Santa Clara, CA (May 2015 - Aug 2015)
    Worked on NFV lab research project within the mobile broadband research division with a focus on proactive caching strategy for video optimization in mobile broadband.
    Responsibilities include proposal and experimental verification.
  • Intern in FutureWei Technologies, Santa Clara, CA (May 2014 - Aug 2014)
    Worked on NFV lab POC project within the mobile broadband research division with a focus on network virtualization, cloud computing, video optimization and NFV.
    Responsibilities include system integration, testing and documentation.
  • Research Assistant in Ubiquitous Multimedia Lab, University at Buffalo (Sep. 2013 - Present)
    Researched on improving mobile video conferencing QoE. Proposed a protocol-independent redundancy elimination strategy for reducing realtime video traffic.
    Researched on popularity evolution patterns of youtube videos and applications. Proposed an early-stage popularity forecast model and a long-term popularity evolution model.
    Researched on secure access control for scalable social media sharing. Efficient multi-dimensional scalable access control algorithms are developed and implemented on mobile devices.
    Researched on privacy preservation in location based systems (LBS). A universal privacy-aware LBS model with provable security features is proposed and testified on mobile devices.
    Other research topics include friend recommendation, topic modeling, and image processing.
  • Worked as the teaching assistant of Network Security Protocols at USTC (2012)
    Graded course projects for undergraduate students
    Explained homework in exercise class
  • Research Assistant in Wireless Communication Lab, USTC (Sep. 2010 - June 2013)
    Researched on key management and secure fast handoff in wireless networks, authentication protocols for active RFID tag, and distributed access control in wireless sensor networks.
  • Worked as the assistant HR in China-HR Corporation (2010)
    Assisted China Mobile Communications Corporation in the hiring process of the social
    recruitment in Jiangsu province
    Assisted China-HR Corporation to improve its web information collection system
  • Participated in Shi Yuan Student Club (2007-2009)
    Led the club to win the honor of Five-star Club of Southeast University
    Won the prize of Outstanding Student Association Cadre of Southeast University