I am taking LIS506 this semester. You can find all my course works and other information on this page.

According to course syllabus, This course introduces students to key concepts of information technologies that support library and information services.

Topics Covered
I have learned following topics so far:
Homework assignments
Here are links to my assignments:
  1. assignment 1
  2. assignment 2
  3. assignment 3
  4. assignment 4
  5. assignment 5
My project is to design and develop a website for a real organization. I am working with my teammates right now to find a client.
Weekly Final Project Activity
Week Activities
Week 1 Understand the requirement, find a project team.
Week 2 Looking for a client
Week 3 Agreed on a client
Week 4 Discussing webpage with client
Week 5 Form signed by client
Week 6 Discussing project within group
Week 7 Discussing project plan of action
Week 8 Formulating ideas
Week 9 Beginning to work on the project
Week 10 Contiune to work on the project
Week 11 Contiune to work on the project
Week 12 Contiune to work on the project
Week 13 Contiune to work on the project
Week 14 Finish and Test webpage and evaluate
Week 15 Post webpage and present to client

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