1. What part of Manhattan is Times Square in?
  2. How many miles does Central Park cover?
  3. Where is Little Italy located
  4. How much does the best pizza in New York cost?
  5. What two buroughs does the Brooklyn Bridge Connect?
  6. What is the name of a famous museum on 5th avenue?
  7. What is a NYC staple food?
  8. How many different subway lines are there?
  9. What is the subway station called at 14th in the East Village?
  10. What color is the out of place tile on the ceiling of Grand Central Station?
  11. How much is one ride on the subway or any bus?
  12. What is the famous performing arts center that hosts the NYC Ballet
  13. What side of Manhattan is the Hudson River Park Located?
  14. What is the general area where Broadway shows occur?
  15. Which department store is famous for having their windows decorated during Christmas time?