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About Me

My name is Cathy Chin. I am in intended Medical Technology major. In high school, I did research for two years and I would like to pursue
it again in my undergraduate years at Buffalo, I want to be more involved with research when the time comes.I am from Brooklyn, NY which is around seven
to eight hours away from Buffalo.

What I did in research?

In high school, there was a research program where we get to do our own experiments and we would write our own papers and submit it to the competitions;
such as NYCSEF (New York City Science and Engineering Fair).In the first year, we were limited to what we can do because we did not know as much. However,
the second year is where it was more intense because we had to submit our projects to competitions at certain deadline. My experiment was to see whether ginseng
extract or green tea extract helped the kidney bean grow. Guess which extract it was? Believe it or not, it was water!

This is the result of the kidney bean that was watered with water.

Interests/ Hobbies

I like to build puzzles on my free time and along with everyday objects. I like to fix materials that are broken or new objects that need to be built. As I
mentioned before I am really interested in research! On my free time, I like to watch dramas and play some online games.

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