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2014 World Cup Pool


Be a part of the action! Show the world just how vast your soccer knowledge is! Or just how lucky you are! Enter the 2014 World Cup Pool!

Description of the Pool

Read about the 2014 pool. Games begin June 12.

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The Entry Form for the 2014 World Cup Pool is no longer available.

Pool Standings

Current standings.


13 JUL
A satisfying final. Only 1 goal but both teams created opportunities. Congrats to newcomer Taylor for having both finalists and the correct outcome. Look for the women's pool next summer.
Both played not to lose. One lost anyway.
Wow. I haven't decided if it is a good or a bad thing that Brazil scored late, preventing a multitude of football jokes about the final score.
Happy Independence Day weekend. Sadly, only Europe and South America move on.
All the group winners advance but five take extra time to do it.
30 JUN
Africa are out after two near upsets.
29 JUN
CONCACAF lives on.
28 JUN
Yesterday was tough. No Soccer!
26 JUN
Group stage ends with Katie in the lead. We can look forward to getting positive points for all the remaining games.
25 JUN
I'll take some credit for advising our new leader.
24 JUN
A biting victory?
23 JUN
Mexico is the second CONCACAF team to advance to the sweet sixteen (with Costa Rica).
22 JUN
30 seconds from leading the pool. Oops. Still some work to do.
21 JUN
The waiting is over. US plays tomorrow and can jump to first place in the pool.
20 JUN
OMG! Costa Rica are in and England are out (as the Europeans say).
19 JUN
Colombia is the third team to Advance.
18 JUN
Cameroon is out, but it was the third team eliminated. When Spain lost to Chile both Australia and Spain were eliminated from the second stage. Neither team can catch Netherlands or Chile, the first two teams to advance. Spain delivers this year's lesson in the logarithm function. The log of 0 is -infinity. The points awarded for Spain's elimination is log(1-p). Because three people had p=1 for Spain, they would now sit at -infinity.

However, that is not fun. So I have instituted the "No Hell" policy (i.e., no infinite penalties) as I do every year when this happens. This year log(0) has been redefined to be -10. A big hit, but at least it prevents lots of people from being tied for last place.

17 JUN
Mexico and Brazil play to 0-0 draw (just like Iran and Nigeria yesterday). Loser of tomorrow's Cameroon-Croatia game will be eliminated.
16 JUN
Ugly 3 points for USA. Both Portugal and USA have some healing to do before Sunday's match. Neither Brazil nor Mexico can mathematically clinch progression tomorrow but soon I'll be able to award some pool points.
15 JUN
14 JUN
Costa Rica represents for CONCACAF! See if Honduras can keep up our undefeated record tomorrow.
13 JUN
Netherlands opens a can on Spain in the second half. Serves up retaliation for all teams Spain has dominated these past many years.
12 JUN 2014
Brazil is handed a gift.
8 JUL 2010
My third and final posting: I win!