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2007 World Cup Pool


Be a part of the action! Show the world just how vast your soccer knowledge is! Or just how lucky you are! Enter the 2007 World Cup Pool!

Description of the Pool

Read about the 2007 pool. Games begin September 10.

Pool Standings ...

... will be available here. We all are tied at zero for a week or so. Standings won't change until teams start advancing to the second round or being eliminated.

Entry Form

The Entry Form for the 2007 World Cup Pool is no longer available.


5 September
The entry form is available.
9 September
Six entrants with 10 hours to go. I suppose I should have written that the first game starts at 8AM (EDT).
10 September
Twelve entrants (Six from ESPN, Six named Andrews). Germany is off to a good start: Germany 11-0 Argentina. OUCH!
11 September
USA 2-2 North Korea. "The greatest team you've never heard of" starts off with a tie. Group B looks even more deadly than before.
12 September
Groups C and D played their first games. No surprises in the early games (Australia, Brazil victorious). The later games featured the more powerful teams. Norway scores two second half goals beat Canada. Denmark scores late (87th minute) but China scores later (88th minute) in a 3-2 victory for China.
13 September
Argentina lost its second game of the tournament and resulted in the first points of our pool because it cannot advance to the second stage.
Team USA righted the ship with a 2-0 victory over Sweden. Sweden can still advance with a big enough victory over Nigeria.
15 September
Every team has two games in the books. Ghana joins Argentina in the playing for pride category.
Nobody has punched a ticket for the second stage. Brazil is the only team at 2-0.
17 September
Germany and England are first through to the the second stage.
18 September
Team USA and North Korea join the second stage. Typhoon Wipha will delay Wednesday's games to Thursday.
20 September
A very late goal by Australia pushes them into the second stage over Canada. For better or worse they now get to play Brazil.
22 September
Team USA plays arguably its weakest opponent of the tournament in the semifinal. USA 3-0 England. Germany also gets 3-0 win over Korea. England tied Germany and Korea tied the US in pool play. From common opponents it is difficult to say who should be favored in a Germany-USA championship game.
23 September
Brazil faces 3 shots (2 on goal) and manages to win 3-2. Norway sends China home (not far) 1-0.
26 September
Germany 19-0 Opponents. 450 minutes of shutout. The winner of Brazil-US will have difficulty scoring in the final. While Germany won 3-0 over Norway, all the goals were somewhat cheap: own goal, deflection, bad back pass.

Most pool participants have US over Germany in the final so the standings are pretty well set. If that happens, our current leaders will be quietly removed from the pool. If Brazil wins the tournament, I'll need to remove Adrian Healey to find our true winner.

27 September
30 September
Congratulations to Erik Andrews who followed Germany to victory. Erik was the only participant to end with a positive score and saved me from having to remove any of the pros from the pool. (Although if I did remove them, I'd be second....)

I'll be in touch again in about four years.