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2015 NHL Stanley Cup Pool

July 8
Congratulations to Bill for reminding me that the Stanley Cup was over and I should update the standing.
May 31
Tampa Bay (Erik) vs Chicago (Bill) for the Cup.
May 12
Jackpot! Fourteen points from Tampa Bay for yours truly alone. Tied with Timmy, permanently. We both have Anaheim over New York for the Cup.
May 10
Four points from Anaheim for the six people who still had a horse in this race.
May 7
Moving on to the second round: Ten points from Chicago for our current three leaders: Timmy, Erik, and Bill. N.B., it is never good to be behind Bill.
April 28
Six points from Tampa Bay for me and the NHL.
April 27
Four points from Washington.
April 26
Defending Champion Timmy T jumps way out in front! Seven points from Minnesota. Don't worry, I'll get a point soon... One point for everyone else from Montreal.
April 25
Finally some differentiation. Two points for six players from Chicago. But also 8 points for nobody from Calgary.
April 24
Another series complete but we are all stuck at zero.
April 23, 2015
Looks like there will be seven of us this year. Good luck to all. We are off to a blazing start. Everyone picked Anaheim so we each get, wait for it, 0 points.
June 13, 2014
Fiftly-six points for nobody from Los Angeles in the Stanley Cup Finals. Congrats to Timmy for doing less poorly than everyone else.

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Chris Andrews