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2016 NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Basketball Tournament Pools


April 4
Wow, What a finish.
April 2
Kudos to Herbie for picking Villanova to win it all. However, UNC's semifinal win over Syracuse seals the deal for Taylor.
March 27
Only UNC survives the #1 carnage. Herbie Lee needs Villanova to beat Syracuse in the final to take the lead from Taylor.
March 20
The ACC is where it's at.
March 18, 2016
Michigan State shows the rest of the country what the Big Ten is about... And 13 participants lose their tournament champion in the first round.
March 17, 2016
Off to a good start in 2016. 25 ballots in the running. Some keyed entries had impossible brackets (e.g., 2 teams with 5 wins). I did my best to figure out your intent. If your bracket doesn't look like you thought it would, let me know. Also, women start tomorrow.
April, 2015
Way to go Elise. First time champ!


March 28
Baylor does not get a chance to prove itself against UConn. Wills takes the crown (tiara?).
March 27
It all depends on Baylor now. 0 wins gives the title to Wills. 1 win gives the title to Brian Cole. A 2nd (likely vs UConn) win gives the title to Isabel Andrews.
March 26
Yesterday was the day to pick upsets. Not today. Underdogs go 0-4.
March 25
Underdogs go 4-0.
March 20
And then not so much for MSU.
March 18, 2016
Off to another great start (for me). Michigan St ladies show the men how it is done.
April, 2015
Way to go Jeff. Many time champ!

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