Chris Andrews' Pool Page


For a couple decades I have provided a variety of sports pools for my family and friends. I enjoy participating and writing computer programs to operate the pools. Others appreciate having a reason to watch the Heritage Bowl, the Cameroon-Japan match, Sebastien Lareau vs. Wayne Black, or any subregional game in the NCAA Women's basketball tournament.

All the pools are free and open to the public. No information collected (e.g., email address), is used for any purpose other than contacting you with pool results and inviting you to next year's pool.

Pools listed by Sport


Predict which nations will advance from pool play to the knockout round and then how many games each will win in the knockout round. GO THERE.


Pick the winner and score of all the Division I Bowl Games. GO THERE.


Pick the entire draw of the Men's and/or Women's NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament. GO THERE.


Pick the entire draw of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. GO THERE.