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I am a fifth-year graduate student at State University of New York at Buffalo interested in analytic number theory. My advisor is Professor Xiaoqing Li, and here is my CV.

Publications and Preprints

Here are my research profiles on arXiv and ORCID.
  1. Analogues of Alladi's formula. J. Number Theory (accepted, 2020). 15 pages. [DOI][arXiv].

  2. Ramanujan sum and Chebotarev densities. Ramanujan J. (accepted, 2020). 7 pages. [DOI][arXiv].

  3. An analogue of a formula for Chebotarev densities. Int. J. Number Theory (accepted, 2020), 9 pages. [DOI][arXiv].

Slides and Notes

Talk Slides:
  1. Analogues of Alladi's formula: Slides.
  2. Some arithmetic functions and Chebatorev densities: Slides.
  3. Some Equivalents of Riemann Hypothesis: Slides.
Lecture and Expository Notes:
  1. Brun's theorem on twin primes. Lecture Notes: Student Version and Mentor Version. These are the lecture notes for the Directed Undergraduate Reading Program 19' Fall at UB.
  2. Average ratio of the smallest and largest prime divisor of integers: [arXiv].
  3. Reading notes on converse theorems of Cogdell and Piateski-Shapiro: GL(4) and GL(n).
  4. 2018 Fall courses notes: Automorphic Forms. Instructor: Xiaoqing Li.
  5. 2016 Fall courses notes: Modular Forms. Instructor: Xiaoqing Li. References: Notes on "The Quantum Unique Ergodicity for Holomorphic Cusp Forms after Holowinsky and Soundararajan", Rutgers lectures, April 2010, available upon request.

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  5. Ravi Vakil's Three Things Exercise.
  6. LMFDB, the database of L-functions, modular forms, and related objects.