Urban Design and Planning

Wheels on the Sky

This project proposes A Smart Platform for Non-motorized Travel over Existing Urban Conditions in Dallas, TX. The proposal was exhibited on 2014 WT SmartCity on 8-13 April, 2014 during Milan Design Week in Milan, Italy. See here for more information.

Wheels on the Sky

Team: UB+DIOINNO, Jin Young Song, Bumjoon Kang, Dohwan Kong, Junghoon Ko, and Byungki Kim

2005 Seoul Downtown Renewal Program

On the behalf of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Development Institute (currently Seoul Institute) developed an official master plan for the Seoul downtown renewal program (370 acres+). In the Department of Urban Design, I initiated field survey and updated the design guidelines.

@ 2004 District Design Guidelines for Doryum

2007 Seoul National University Campus Master Plan

As a project manager, I developed an updated campus master plan for Seoul National University (SNU), Gwan-ak campus (400 acres+) with Professor Seung-Hoy of SNU and Oujae Architects & Co., Ltd. In this plan, we developed the district-level architectural and landscape design guidelines.

@ Overview of the planning target area: the Seoul National University Campus

Consulting Work

As a researcher or a project manager at the Integrated Research Institute of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, I consulted various projects including (a) optimization of surveillance camera locations; (b) evaluation of evacuation performance of high-rise buildings; (c) pedestrian circulation analysis for a building renovation; and (d) visibility analysis for design scheme comparison.

For the full list of my works, see my CV.

a: Maximum visibility locations for surveillance cameras in a residential block

b: Evacuation simulation using Simulex

c: User trace map of Seoul Court Complex

d: Visibility distribution map of a design scheme submitted to Asian Culture Complex Project Competition