Estimated Vs. Actual Years Historical Events Occured
  1. It is Appropriate to use "Year Event Occurred" as the explanatory variable becasue through all times the survey is completed, that variable will always stay the same. The "estimated year event occured" variable makes a good response variable becuase it will be different throughout each time the survey is taken.
  2. If I had guessed Correctly for each year, the scatter plot would appear to have many less data points. This is becasue each point that you see would actually contain two data points, even though you can only see one. The points wold also be less spread out as it is now.
Strikes and Lockouts Vs. Union Membership Percentage
Strikes and Lockouts Vs. Union Membership Percentage
  1. I used the Percent of total labor force with union membership as the explanatory variable because when a strike happens, the whole union will go on strike. This means that when there is a higher percentage of workers in a union, there will be more workers on strike, wich can be seen in the first graph relating the two variables.
  2. As the percent of total labor force with union membership increases, there is a rise in the amount of strikes and lockouts with more than 1,000 workers
  3. My Second Scatter plot shows how the Percent of total labor force with union membership changes every ten years
  4. As the year increases in the second scatter plot, the total labor force with union membership decreases.
Personal Income per Capita vs Governor Income in each state
Governor Salary vs Average Income Per Captia
  1. The bar graph helps to show how much the governor of each state makes in relation to the average person living in that state.
  2. The Scatter Plot helps to show how the general trend between the Governor's slary and the per capita income. Althought this scatter plot does not have a very strong relation, we can still see that the Governor's Salary will generally increase as the Per Capita Income increases.
Governor's Salary vs Per Capita Income in all 50 States
  1. There are not any trend in the data in the scatter plot. All of the points that compare the Governor's salary to the per capita income do not seem to have any certain trend in the graph, they are just random
  2. The only point that really stands out is the one that represents Conneticut. This plot, which is all the way to the right, is not part of any big grouping of other points. That is the only reason it stands out