Reasons for ER Visits

This Pie Chart shows us the different reasons for emergency room visits in 2003,
and how many times each of those reasons occured that year.
From the chart we can see that the most common reason for an ER visit was stomach pain, followed by accidents.

Percent of Kids/State taking SAT

This graph gives provides information about how what percentage of kids in each of the 50 states are taking the SAT.
The frequency shows how many times the percentage occurs in the data given.
The chart shows that in most states, less that 10% of students were taking the SAT.

Miles for Campus to Home

This Chart shows us how many miles each of these 12 students are from home when they go to college.
We can clearly see that Mitch has the farthest commute to campus, whereas the rest of the students live quite a bit closer than him.

Points Scored by Winner in SB

This chart gives a representation of how many points the winning team of a superbowl scored
each year from 1967 to 2011. The numbers along the bottom represent the maximum number of points
scored by the winning team. The numbers along the vertical axis represent the amount of times the
score was between under between the number on the horizontal axis in corresponds to, and the number previous to that one.
From the information given, we can see that most teams that win the superbowl score between 30 and 35 points in the superbowl game.