Brian Wroblewski

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About Me

I am currently in my third year at the University at Buffalo. When I started at UB
I was majoring in Archiecture. I soon realized this was not for me and I changed my major.
My new major was Occupational Therapy. This falls under the category of rehabilitation
science. I love this field because it cobines creativity and science. My longterm goal
is to work in a school as a pediatric Occupational Therapist.

My GPA Each Semester at UB
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My Experience

As an Occupational Therapist I want to work with people who have disabilities.
While this is a large responsibility, I feel that I am prepared for it.
I have spent the past six years coaching Special Olympic sports, as well as,
working at the Adapted Reacreation Program with children with disabilities.
I have also had experience shadowing many different Occupational Therapists
in many different locations. This allowed me to see the different approaches
each particular Occupational Therapist uses. With all of this experience I feel
I am well suited to take on the challenge of working with those that have disablilities
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