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About Me

My name is Brian Sprague. I am junior accounting student at the University at Buffalo.
I was born in Fair Fax, Virginia and currently live in Manlius, NY which is outside of Syracuse. I
enjoy playing basketball and volleyball in my spare time. After graduation I plan on earning my CPA
and earning my master's degree hopefully at Buffalo.

Our Database

For this project, our group built a database for Parkwood Pool
located in Great Neck, NY. Parkwood Pool is a segment of the Great Neck Park District.
At Parkwood Pool, local Great Neck residents visit during the summer season with their children
to enjoy the park's amenities such as the indoor hockey rink, food and beverage stands, and swimming
pool. The swimming pool is the most used amenity at the Great Neck Park District. The swimming pool
is supervised by 20 lifeguards. These lifeguards are in charge of watching various sections of the
pool as well as giving swimming lessons to individual children and group classes.Through the
database, lifeguards will now be able to track which exact students they have. Lifeguards will be
able to view reports in the database that display their exact student's first name, last name,
address, email address, and emergency contact. Below is a link to our database and our team's website.

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