I am Benjamin Riexinger

    I am a versatile professional with more than five years of experience in which I always exceed the expectations of my customers and employer. I have proven excellence in diagnosis of electrical and computer system, physical & digital security of confidential information systems, employee supervision, and team leadership. My versatile background and analytical approach to problem solving allows me to successfully work across all levels of an organization. My technical abilities have led to various improvements some of which have allowed for a decrease in man hours required to complete day-to-day tasks, as well as increase my organization’s ability to audit and manage personnel. With my incredible documentation and in-depth training program I am able to set my staff on a path of excellence professionally and have them deliver exemplary customer service. Under my leadership the State University of New York at Buffalo Computing and Information Technology Public Sites Consulting Team has met our students demand for computing and printing services with unprecedented customer service and satisfaction.

A Computer Science Major at the University at Buffalo.