Welcome to my Webpage!


Welcome to my personal Web page! My name is Brendan Loos, and I am a student here at the University of Buffalo! I'm currently a Freshman, studying Computer Science! This means I'm constantly involved with computers in my day to day life! As such, many of my hobbies compliment this! They have inspired me to pursue higher education in computers! To practice my skills in Computer Science, I will discuss a videogame called Hearthstone! Hearthstone is a collectible card game created by Blizzard Entertainment, who are also developers of the famous World of Warcraft, as well as many other successful and easily recognisable games! The game is set inside of a warm and comfy inn, as you play one of nine unique heroes! Each of these heroes have many different playstyles and they represent a class and famous character of the Warcraft series! In the each match, you play opposite another character, and the goal is to drain your opponents life from 30 to 0. This is accomplished by playing many different creatures and spells modelled from the Warcraft universe! Each hero has unique and specific cards to them, as well as a unique hero ability, that creates exciting and intense match-ups! One of my favorite things about the game, is that you can create a personal deck of 30 cards, creating your own unique play style! As such, you want to create the deck that gives you the most enjoyment, whether that be the best for taking out your opponents quickly, or slowly and decisively controlling the board! (or anything in between!) So I have decided to make this a little tiny resource for my adventures in Hearthstone! I'm by no means a great player, and I'm learning just like everyone else!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me by clicking this link!

Learning the game on your own can be tough! So I recommend you tune in to these famous and professional players either on YouTube or Twitch.tv to learn some key tips!:

These players are some of the best! However there are some who are just as good or possibly even better, but these ones helped me grasp the mechanics of the game the easiest! They're also pretty entertaining!

Here are some guides to play Hearthstone!:

My personal favorite deck to play is WARRIOR because it has many options for both full out offense and defense!


Below you can find my favorite Warrior deck, the Control Warrior!:

Warrior Cards:

Name & How Many Type Mana ATK HP
Execute x2 Ability 1
Shield Slam x2 Ability 1
Whirlwind x2 Ability 1
Armorsmith x2 Minion 2 1 4
Cleave x1 Ability 2
Cruel Taskmaster x2 Minion 2 2 2
Fiery War Axe x2 Weapon 2 3 2
Slam x1 Ability 2
Shield Block x2 Ability 3
Kor'kron Elite x1 Minion 4 4 3
Brawl x1 Ability 5
Grommash Hellscream x1 Minion 8 4 9

Neutral Cards:

Name & How Many Type Mana ATK HP
Wild Pyromancer x1 Minion 2 3 2
Acolyte of Pain x1 Minion 3 1 3
Big Game Hunter x1 Minion 3 4 2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2 Minion 4 3 5
Spellbreaker x1 Minion 4 4 3
Faceless Manipulator x1 Minion 5 3 3
Cairne Bloodhoof x1 Minion 6 4 5
Baron Geddon x1 Minion 7 7 5
Ragnaros the Firelord x1 Minion 8 8 8
Alexstrasza x1 Minion 9 8 8