What Happened To Xavior?

He Stood Tall...

He stood tall... He knew that is was nothing he could do. He fixed his armor and gathered his thoughts and realized, he can not loose. He has to go forward, and fight. He started running at the beast. He was prepared to give it all he had, because it was not up to him. He was fighting for the children, his wife, his family... He was fighting for his people. He has to win, and win he will. He started was running with the strength of his family behind him. He Squeeked his warrior cry and as it dwindled behind him... The Beast came crashing down... Boom... The ground shook, and as quickly as it hit the ground he did too. He knew he had to get up but he was scared. He lost all of his momentum, and he knew he needed it to gain the upper hand... He clinched his teeth, balled his fists and lunged forward... As he looked up his helmet hit the ground but that did not stop him. As he started to swing, he was ready to lay this beast out and give it the best whooping he ever had to bestow on anyone... then He realized who it was... it was the Dragon Lily Rider... "Thank God!" he hollered. "What took you so long? We need your assistance, against the Cat King."

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