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Our Family - Duncan MacKenzie Black m. Necia Ann Shaw

I haven't decided yet how I want to present the genealogy of our family. An alphabetical listing of the surnames in the chart is below the table.,

Parents Black MacKenzie Shaw DeGroot
Grandparents* Chapman MacRae Schwarzrock Nyboer
Great Grandparents* Dobson MacKenzie** Beagle DeBoer
" Manley MacCharles Prechel Witte
Great-great Grandparents* MacDonald ? Kupp(Capp) Porak
" Johnston ? Sears Bouwmeister
" Cannon Matheson ? Dons
" Wilcox MacRae** Weckworth Timmerman

* - each generation assumes the surnames of the previous generation and they are not repeated
** - same surname as others, but different families

  • Beagle
  • Black
  • Bouwmeister
  • Chapman
  • DeBoer
  • DeGroot
  • Dobson
  • Johnston
  • Kupp (Capp)
  • MacCharles
  • MacDonald
  • MacKenzie
  • MacRae
  • Manley
  • Nyboer
  • Porak
  • Prechel
  • Schwarzrock
  • Sears
  • Shaw
  • Witte
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