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An architecture of worlds is something I’ve always been. I can build worlds with paints, words, or code -- anything. Design is an insatiable ambition with creativity and curiosity as self-feeding strengths. Building games seem to do this craving justice.

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Light Up the Darkness

My latest project has been Light Up the Darkness that I've been working on in previous classes. It's a first person, 3D, puzzle game based on you combining plants to solve puzzles that help regrow plants on a destroyed planet. The assignment links detail the progress I've made.

First Home Page: Home Page
Create a basic home page.
CSS Pages: Inline Embedded Linked
Practice with CSS. Create one page each using inline, embedded, and linked css.
Table Page: Table
Practice making a table in HTML.
HTML5/CSS Compliant Page: Compliant Page
Take the CSS Embedded page and correct it so it is HTML5 and CSS compliant.
Modified Home Page: Second Home Page
Modify the first home page to use divs and to add informaiton.
Special Effects Page: Special Effects Page
Add special effects to the home page using CSS.
Form Page: Form Page
Create a form page that people can send email with.
Multimedia Page: Multimedia Page
Create four new pages to practice with multimedia, audio, video, and scrolling.
JavaScript Page: JavaScript Page
Create a new page to use JavaScript to display date and time.
JavaScript Validation Page: JavaScript Validation Page

Create a new page that builds on the Form page assignment by adding JavaScript and validating user input.
HTML5 Final Page: Final Page

Create a few new pages to show off more advanced knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills.