Missing Persons

In fall 2001, every place you'd go in lower Manhattan you'd see 8½×11 pieces of paper taped to walls, fences, kiosks and lamp-posts. All of them were about people who were missing. Some had as much detail as an old-fashioned wanted poster. Some didn't even have a name or a telephone number to call. Most of the city's firehouses and parks had shrines—things people made or left to try to say something that could not be said in words. 

Here are some images of things I saw in Union Square on Sunday morning, September 23. The two silver towers are about five feet high. Each is made of 384 of those little name license plates you get in souvenir stores, maybe to put on the back of a kid's bike. Each plate has a name: Fred, Mary, Tom, Alice, Bill, Julia .... So many names.

Bruce Jackson

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Click here for an insightful article about the posters in the October 7, 2001, NY Times Magazine.