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Why S/Sgt.R, USMC, Got Ruined (Counterpunch, 20 December 2010)

Loose Ends in Night Moves (Senses of Cinema 55, 2010)

Night Moves Around Maud (Senses of Cinema 54, (2010)

Nick's "I"/Nicks Eye: Why they couldn't film Gatsby (Senses of Cinema 52, 2009)

Shutting it down (Casino Chronicles #52, Artvoice, 3 September 2008)

Stop stalling, says the judge (Casino Chronicles #51, 27 August 2008)

Silence in the Court: Where the Casino Case Stands (Casino Chronicles #50, Artvoice, 21 August 2008)

Hamdan's Secret (Artvoice 9 August 2008)

Another bite of the apple and swiftboating Margaret L. Wendt (Casino Chronicles #49, Artvoice 24 July 2008)

US Marshals vs. the Indiansat Buffalo Creek? (Casino Chronicles #48, Artvoice 17 July 2008)

Don't talk to me, judge tells attorneys in Buffalo casino case (Casino Chronicles #47, Artvoice, 15 August 2008)

The Casino Craps Out (Artvoice 9 July 2008 )

Targeting Delaware (Artvoice 10 August 2007)

Bad Metaphors, Bad Government (Artvoice 2 August 2007)

Can the Senecas Buffalo Judge Skretny (Artvoice 20 July 2007)

Texas Death Row and the Cummins Prison Farm in Arkansas (Southern Cultures 13:2, Summer 2007, 112-129)

I prigionieri dell'Arkansas (La Repubblica, 16 May 2007)

The Albright-Knox Decision (Artvoice, 22 March 2007)

Undoing Dennis's damage (Buffalo Report, 23 February 2007)

The War Against the Albright-Knox (Artvoice, 22 February 2007))

No Deal on the Buffalo Casino (Artvoice, 18 January 2007)

Saying "Oh!": John Mohawk, 1944-2006 (Artvoice 21 December 2006)

Israel and Us: An interview with Phyllis Bennis, part 1 (Artvoice, 29 November 2006), part 2 (Artvoice December 6, 2006)

Buffalo's Control Board Ducks for Cover (Artvoice, 16 November 2006)

Dancing with Paladino (Artvoice, 9 November 2006)

His Majesty's Dog at Kew (Artvoice, 3 November 2006)

Alan Dershowitz v. Bruce Jackson on Torture (Counterpunch, 1 November 2006)

Normalizing Torture (Counterpunch, 30 October 2006)

Arborgeddon (Artvoice, 19 October 2006)

A report from Buffalo: Thundersnow. (Counterpunch, 18 October 2006) 2006)

Images of Buffalo's thundersnow. (Buffalo Report, 16 October 2006)

Byron Brown's Bupkis (Artvoice, 11 October 2006)

When the Web Grew Up (Buffalo Report, 25 September 2006)

Chavez's reading, Bush's reading. (Artvoice, 24 September 2006; Counterpunch, 29 September 2006) Diane Christian: Retaliation.

Andy SanFilippo Can't Count (Artvoice, 13 September 2006)

Paladino Writes: Epistle to Bruce Jackson (Artvoice, 17 August 2006)

The Negotiations End: An Interview with Byron Brown (Artvoice, 10 August 2006)

The Wednesday afternoon Buffalo casino flap: Byron balks, Barry blusters. (Artvoice, 3 August 2006)

Is the Buffalo Creek Casino Illegal? (Casino Chronicles #16), Artvoice, 3 August 2006

Of course they can stop the casino (Casino Chronicles #15), Artvoice, 27 July 2006,10-11

Don't give up the street (Casino Chronicles #14), Artvoice, 26 July 2006, 10-11

Folly redux; explaining Byron Brown's failure. Buffalo Report, 17 July 2006

Greed (Casino Chronicles #12). Artvoice, 8 June 2006

Why Haditha Happened. Buffalo Report and CounterPunch. 4 June 2006

The Nine Biggest Lies About the Proposed Buffalo Creek Casino (Casino Chronicles #11). Artvoice 1 June 2006

Barry Snyder and Byron Brown to Buffalo and Joel Giambra: Screw you! Five images from the Senecas' downtown destruction site. Buffalo Report, 1 June 2006.

African-American 'Toast' Poems (NPR Tavis Smiley Show, 13 April 2006)

Tom Golisano vs. the Casino. (Casino Chronicles #10) Artvoice 13 April 2006

Byron Brown Discovers the Senecas' 10-K (Casino Chronicles #9) Artvoice 13 April2006

Suing the Governor: A conversation with attorney Robert Knoer (Casino Chronicles #3), Artvoice February 2-8, 2006, 12-15

Why is the Buffalo News telling so many lies about UB? Buffalo Report, 7 February 2006

The Senecas' Buffalo Creek Casino: A conversation with Dianne Bennett: "They've sold us a bill of goods" (Casino Chronicles #2). Artvoice January 26-February 1, 2006,  8-11

The Senecas' Buffalo Creek Casino: Bad deal, not a done deal. (Casino Chronicles #1). Artvoice January 19-25, 2006, 12-15

The proposed Seneca casino in downtown Buffalo is a bad deal not a done deal (Buffalo Report 4 January 2006)

Silver Bullets. Antioch Review 64:1, Winter 2006, 6-23

Where did the Buffalo News go? (Buffalo Report, 22 November 2005)

Bush and Cuba (Buffalo Report 20 April 2005)

On the subject of Company (with Robert Creeley) (Buffalo Report 5 April 2005, Counterpunch 6 April 2005)

Robert Creeley, May 21, 1926-March 30, 2005 (Buffalo Report, 30 March 2005)

Death Row, Texas, 1979  (Buffalo Report, 20 March 2005)

The Only Other is the One With the Notebook (presented at colloquium "Terre Humaine, une aventure éditoriale et scientifique, " Bibliothèque nationale de France, 1 April 2005. 

Jean Malaurie and the Voices of Terre Humaine (originally in French in Terre Humaine: Cinquante ans d'une collection. Entretien avec Jean Malaurie. Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2005. 19-20)

"Plus un document qu'un documentaire": the voices of Terre Humaine ((English text of essay published in French as Terre Humaine: Cinquante ans d'une collection. Hommages. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2005, 14-23)

Charles Desirat, 1907-2005  (Buffalo Report, 1 March 2005)

Killing the Reporters/Iraq: Sparate sul giornalista! (Latinoamerica 90/91, 1/2/2005:20-25)

Images of Death (Buffalo Report, 5 January 2005)

Buffalo, 9/11 and the War at Home (Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, 10 September 2004, audio)

 Zell Miller's Mothers (Buffalo Report, 5 September 2004)

Breverman as Impresario, Breverman as Jew (Harvey Breverman: Humanist Impulses, 2004)

The Real O.J. Story (Antioch Review Spring 2004)

Harry Levin and the Penultimate Manuscript of Finnegans Wake (Counterpunch, 16 June 2004)

J. Alfred Prufrock takes control of the Peace Bridge expansion project (Buffalo Report 3 June 2004)

The fallacy crippling the Peace Bridge expansion project: "Old" does not equal "Historically Significant" (Buffalo Report 14 May 2004)

Maybe the dumbest U.S. senator of them all (Buffalo Report 11 May 2004)

"I didn't know you knew Pete Seeger": The great conspirator turns 85 (Buffalo Report 8 May 2004)

Conversations with Emile De Antonio (Senses of Cinema April-June 2004)

Not this time, Carl (Buffalo Report 18 April 2004)

Bush, Ashcroft, Rice: Gott Mitt Uns (Buffalo Report 14 April 2004, CounterPunch)

African American 'Toast" Poems (Tavis Smiley Show, NPR, 13 April 2004, audio)

Michel Foucault: Buffalo 1971, Paris 1975. Four Photographs. (Buffalo Report 9 April 2004)

Making war, making movies: the collaboration of Robert S. McNamara and Errol Morris on Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (Buffalo Report 11 January)

Conversations with Leslie A. Fiedler: Newark, Jews, and the Boy on the White Horse (CounterPunch January 3/4 2004)

The Desaparecidos of George W. Bush (Buffalo Report 13 December 2003. This article first appeared in Italian in the December 2003 issue of LatinoAmerica.)

Media and War: Bringing it All Back Home (Buffalo Report 19 November 2003, CounterPunch 26 November 2003, Mississippi Review Winter 2004)

The Buffalo Report Interview: Joseph Crangle: Taxing Indians, Breaking Treaties (Buffalo Report 7 November 2003)

Carovane 2003: Addio Alle Armi (CounterPunch 3 October 2003; Buffalo Report 30 September 2003)

The Little Deaths (Buffalo Report 26 August 2003)

The New York Times and Michael Gordon: Passive Pimping for the White House (Buffalo Report 4 August 2003)

Third and Arizona (Buffalo Report 20 July 2003)

Buffalo Cops Wage War on Pedal Pushers: Iatrogenic law enforcement on the Niagara Frontier (CounterPunch 25 June 2003)

Arctic Terror: Icy silence in the heart of the Smithsonian (Buffalo Report 6 May 2003)

The Lesson of the Arctic (Centre d'Etudes Arctiques, May 2003)

How fear curdles the soul (CounterPunch 10 May 2003; also in Buffalo Report as "Arctic silence: icy terror at the heart of the Smithsonian," 6 May 2003)

Bill Kunstler's last big speech (CounterPunch 7 May 2003; Buffalo Report 27 April 2003)

Jews Like Us (CounterPunch 18 April 2003, Buffalo Report 19 April 2003)

Desert Storms. (CounterPunch 26 March 2003)

Why protest? Why write? (CounterPunch 25 March 2003)

Killing a Tree (Buffalo Report 22 January 2003, also CounterPunch 25 January 2003)

Bush, Blacks and Jews (CounterPunch 20 January 2003)

Postface for the revised French edition of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (Terre Humaine/Plon, 2002, en français)

That Was Then, This is Now: Saddam Delendus Est! (CounterPunch 28 December 2002)

France's greatest baker dies: Lionel Poilane, 1945-2002 (Counterpunch 6 November 2002, also Buffalo Report 4 November 2002)

Queen Dershowitz  (CounterPunch 5 October 2002)

20 Questions we ought to get answered before we start killing Arabs...again (CounterPunch 20 September 2002)

When War Came Home (CounterPunch 7 September 2002)

The myth of Newport '65: it wasn't Dylan they were booing (Counterpunch July 16, 2002; Buffalo Report 26 August 2002)

The Buffalo Report Interview: James Pitts (Buffalo Report 1 August 2002)

Racist Buffalo  (Buffalo Report 1 August 2002)

How white big should Buffalo's Common Council be? (Buffalo Report 23 July 2002)

How George W. Bush is playing in Paris. (Buffalo Report 22 July 2002)

Why did Jeff Simon stick it to Leslie Fiedler? (Buffalo Report 19 July 2002)

Taking the pledge. (Buffalo Report 28 June 2002)

Harvey Matusow: Death of a Snitch (CounterPunch 20 February 2002)

The Material Fifties (wall text for exhibit at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 28 January-7 April 2002)

"The Tumultuous Fifties": An interview with Albright-Knox Curator Douglas Dreishpoon (Blue Dog 24 January 2002)

Art and War at the Digital Frontier (talk for sponsors of UB's Digital Summit Symposium, 1 November 2001)

Buffalo Niagara Partnership Goes Defensive (Blue Dog, 11 October 2001)

Missing Persons (Blue Dog, 4 October 2001)

Tuesday (Buffalo News, 15 September 2001)

The Fate of Stories (Antioch Review, Winter 2002) (HTML file)   (downloadable RTF file) .

Casino Follies (Blue Dog 23 August 2001)

Buffalo's Casino: Sure thing or sucker bet? (Artvoice 19 July 2001)

Pataki's Running Game (Artvoice 28 June 2001)

Right Turn at NEH (Artvoice 7 June 2001)

Catch-22 at Verizon, Inc.: Bureaucratic doubletalk to make Ma Bell proud (Artvoice 17 May 2001)

Artvoice Interiew: Senator Charles Schumer (Artvoice 18 January 2001)

Heartburn (Buffalo Spree January 2001)

Nine Thoughts on the Millennial Moment (Artvoice 4 January 2001)

Lazio's Finger (Artvoice 3 November 2000)

Can New York Kill? (Buffalo Spree September/October 00)

The Necessary Evil: Thoughts on Time & War (Artvoice 30 June 00)

Senator Schumer's Marshall Plan for Education (Artvoice 18 May 00)

We Don't Have to Kill (with Charley H. Fischer III, Arthur O. Eve, and Mark Mahoney) (Artvoice)

Cradle Will Rock (Artvoice)

Attica: An Anniversary of Death (Artvoice)
Attica: un anniversario di morte (Ácoma) (original site)  (single-page version)

Buffalo English: Literary Glory Days at U.B. (Buffalo Beat)

Five Impeachment Pieces (Artvoice & Buffalo Beat)

In the Arctic With Malaurie (American Anthropologist June 1998)

The Ethnographic Voice  (Il Polo)

Walker Evans (UB Art Gallery 1998)

The Deceptive Anarchy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men  (Antioch Review)

The Stories People Tell (Antioch Review Summer 1997)

Some Things I've Learned About War (Buffalo News)

1998 University at Buffalo Convocation Keynote Addresses

Two Things I Remember About Robert Lowell (Kiosk)

Editing Reality: New Social History and Documentary (Visual Sociology 9:1, 1994)


"Hospitals at the Edge" (Blue Dog Press)  and the "Children's Hospital"  (Artvoice) series

Obits (Max McCarthy, Herbert X. Blyden, Allen Ginsberg, Wassily Leontief, John Otto, James Card, Mary Beth Spina, Alan Lomax, Lionel Poilâne)

Buffalo Report

The Peace Bridge Chronicles

Building Buffalo: Blue Dog interviews with Cannon Design President Mark Mendell, Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and Buffalo Common Council President James Pitts on Buffalo's problems, plans, and future

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