The Peace Bridge Chronicles

(all articles are by Bruce Jackson, unless indicated otherwise)

Public pressure and the International Railroad Bridge option.  (Buffalo Report 25 February 2003, #61)

Designing the Bridge: collaboration or predestination? (Buffalo Report 27 October 2002, #60)

Heading for a wreck at Peace Bridge Plaza. (Buffalo Report, 22 October 2002 #59 )

How the Buffalo News hyped Christian Menn's bridge design to the disadvantage of all others.  (Buffalo Report, 22 October 2002, #59a)

Four designs to get more trucks across the Niagara River.  (Buffalo Report, 22 October 2002, #59b)

What 9/11 did to the Peace Bridge expansion process.(Buffalo Report, 1 July 2002, #58)

Border Law (Buffalo Report, 15 March 2002, #57)

The Peace Bridge Now (Blue Dog, 6 September 2001, #56)

Vincent "Jake" Lamb: Point Man at the Peace Bridge II (Artvoice 5 July 2001, #55)

Vincent "Jake" Lamb: Point Man at the Peace Bridge I (Artvoice 28 June 2001, #54)

Beauty and the Bridge (Intersight 6, 2001)

The PBA Throws a Party: Talk, Food, Furies & Scorpions (Artvoice 29 March 2001,#53)

Partners, Papers, Worries and Trusts (Artvoice 8 March 2001, #52)

Interview: Victor Martucci: "You have to be realistic about these things" (Artvoice 1 March 2001, #51)

The Senator's Letter and the Governor's Choice (Artvoice 1 March 2001, #50)

The Mayor, the Governor, and Detroit's First Casualty (Artvoice 15 Febuary 2001, #49)

Robert Moses is Finally Dead in Buffalo: Peace Comes to Peace Bridge Plaza
(Artvoice 30 November 2000, #48)

Bridge Authority Has a Movement (Artvoice 16 November 2000, #47)

What Andrew Rudnick Didn't Say (Artvoice 26 October 2000, #46)

The Great Autumnal Peace Bridge Q&A Part II (Artvoice 5 October 2000, #45)

Where Things Are (Artvoice 21 September 2000, #44)

The Great Autumnal Peace Bridge Q&A Part I (Artvoice 14 September 2000, #43)

Robert Knoer: Making a Federal Case Out of It (Artvoice 31 August 2000, #42)

The PBA as Pinocchio: Lying on the Web (Artvoice 3 August 2000, #41)

The Buffalo News and the Peace Bridge: Prospering and Pimping (Artvoice 28 July 2000, #40)

The PBA's Pried Double MacDonald's Truss (Artvoice 21 July 2000, #39)

Muggers and Leaders (Artvoice 22 June 2000)

Language Lessons (Artvoice 15 June 2000)

In Your Face on Memorial Day (Artvoice 1 June 2000)

A Report From the Front (Artvoice 24 May 2000)

Partnership Rethinks the Bridge Issue (Artvoice 4 May 2000)

Humpty Dumpty at Peace Bridge Plaza (Artvoice 6 April 2000)

The Vernal Peace Bridge Q&A (Artvoice 30 March 2000)

Turning Tricks on the Niagara Frontier (Artvoice 23 March 2000)

Bruce Jackson and Eugene Figg on Christopher Lyden's NPR program "The Connection"
(21 March 2000)--Click on "Listen Now" on the right side of the second blue bar for the audio

Fighting All the Way (Artvoice 16 March 2000)

What they Said(Artvoice 16 March 2000)

The Right Thing to Do (Artvoice 9 March 2000)

PBA's Ads Pulled by All Buffalo TV Stations (Artvoice 9 March 2000)

The Engineers Speak: Buying the PBA Party Line (Artvoice 2 March 2000)

Peace Bridge Update: The Engineers are Stealing the Train (Artvoice 24 February 2000)

Peace Bridge Interview: Jeff Belt: "You Have to Be an Optimist" (Artvoice 17 February 2000)

The PBA's Ex-Lax Initiative (Artvoice 17 February 2000)

Peace Bridge Update (Artvoice 27 January 2000)

Peace Bridge Chronicles: The PBA Comes to the Table (Artvoice 23 December 1999)

A Matter of State: Tom Toles, Wayne Redekop, Madeleine Albright,
& the Niagara Border War (Artvoice 25 November 1999)

Freshwater Sharks (Artvoice 18 November 1999)

Unanswered Questions (Artvoice 4 November 1999)

The Man Who Loves Bridges (Artvoice 28 October 1999)
Eugene Figg's corporate obituary (March 2002)

Endgame at the Peace Bridge (Artvoice 21 October 1999)

Truth and Lies: Peace Bridge Review Panel Hearings #1 (Artvoice 12 August 1999)

The Peace Bridge Chronicles: Trucks, Talk and Sunshine (Artvoice 31 July 1999)

The New Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge:
Taking the High Road to Public Works (Artvoice 23 July 1999)

Troy/Rome/London/Saigon/Buffalo (Artvoice 8 July 1999)

The Great Summer Peace Bridge QandA (Artvoice 3 May 1999)

The Peace Bridge Plaza Dog & Pony Show (Artvoice 27 May 1999)

The Trojan Peace (Artvoice 13 May 1999)

The Peace Bridge War: Shifting Constituencies, The Naughty News
and the Cruise Missile Option (Artvoice 6 May 1999)

The Nail and the Teetertotter: Ending the Peace Bridge Stalemate (Artvoice 29 April 1999)

Bruno Freschi: "I'm Talking Pragmatism Here" (Artvoice 22 April 1999)

The Other Side of the Bridge (Artvoice 15 April 1999)

"Don't You Build No Ugly Bridge" (Artvoice 1 April 1999)

There's still time to fix this, so let's build the right bridge (Buffalo News 27 March 1999)

Sinking the Twin Span (Artvoice25 March 1999)

A Bridge Not Too Far (Artvoice 18 February 1999)

Talkin' Ugly (Artvoice 5 August 1998)

and furthermore......

Santiago Calatrava: Architect, Artist, Engineer (by Alan Riding, New York Times, 31 December 2000)

Border War Over the Peace Bridge (by David Chen, New York Times, 27 April 1999)

Spanner in the Works: What to do about the Peace Bridge has become a binational battle
(by Stephen Handelman, Time Magazine Canadian edition, 10 May 1999)

Tom Schofield's Artvoice Peace Bridge articles

NMG Peace Bridge Action Group Site

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