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About me:
I am currently working part-time on a PhD in Geography, while working full-time as Senior Planner in the Niagara County Department of Economic Development where my responsibilities include coordinating regional planning initiatives, managing geographic information systems (GIS), and providing technical assistance to the development community on land use and environmental regulations, site selection, and funding opportunities. My past professional work has included overseeing development of GIS applications to track planning board projects, brownfields sites, and businesses as well as integrating new tools and datasets into existing GIS applications. In addition, I oversaw development of a countywide, parcel-based suitability analysis for land development.

I am a member of the American Planning Association, the American Institute of Certified Planners, the Congress for the New Urbanism, the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, and the New York State GIS Association as well as a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional.


Building on my past professional experience and educational background, my research focuses on the use and development of GIS for urban and regional analysis. My current academic interests include:

Master's (Urban Planning), University at Buffalo, 2006
Bachelor's (Environmental Design), University at Buffalo, 2003

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