Graduate Students

My UB graduate students along with the titles of their MS Theses and/or PhD Dissertations.

Akerman, Alexander III

Queues with Quits and Feedback (MS 1977)

Chase, Laurie A.

The Location of Solar Collectors in Residential Areas (MS 1977)

Chew, Mark N.

A Game Theoretic Approach to Coalition Formation in Multilevel Decision Making Organizations (MS 1981) 
Honorable Mention, 1981 INFORMS George C. Nicholson Prize

Hunter, David E.

Multilevel Analysis of a Two Reservoir Water Resource System with Independent Operators (MS 1992)
A Multilevel Mathematical Economic Model for Floodplain Policy Analysis (PhD 1996)

Salunkhe, Amol

Estimating the Location of a Curve in a Bounded Two-dimensional Space (MS 2004) 

Schalk, Eric R.

Simulation Analysis of Instructions for Operators of Multiproduct Assembly Lines (MS 1977)

Schenk, Gary R.

A Multilevel Programming Model to Determine Optimal Pollution Control Policies (MS 1980)

Shaw, Michael J.  

A Parametric Pivot Approach for Multilevel Programming (MS 1980) Co-Advisor, Mark H. Karwan

Sweet, Thomas R.

A Computer System to Analyze Air Defense Deployments (MS 1980)

Sylla, Chiekna

Nonlinear Programming Techniques for the Optimization of Multi-Reservoir Systems (MS 1980)

Wen, Ue-Pyng  

Mathematical Methods for Multilevel Programming (PhD 1981)

Willick, William J.

Solution Techniques for Cooperative n-Person Stackelberg Games (MS 1990)
A Power Index for Cooperative Games with Applications to Hierarchical Organizations (PhD 1995)

Yang, Chien-Hsin Harris

A Family of Values for n-Person Cooperative Transferable Utility Games (MS 1997)

Yang, Mao-Hua 

Nash-Stackelberg Equilibrium Solutions for Linear Multidivisional Multilevel Programming Problems (PhD 2005) 

Wayne F Bialas
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University at Buffalo
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