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MFC118J Microcomputer Applications 

Fall 2001



Practice Tests
Research Paper

Research Paper Instructions


  1. Use the INTERNET (either in the laboratory or at any other site that you are allowed to use) to find at least fifteen (15) meaningful "web pages" to serve as your bibliography. You will use your bibliography to support your paper's theme with relevant footnotes or citations.
  2. Use Microsoft WORD to prepare a neatly typed, spell-checked and organized research paper. Include a COVER PAGE with the TOPIC TITLE and YOUR NAME on it. Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY page that lists the INTERNET address (URL) and short description of each "web page" that you used in preparing your research paper. Also include any PICTURES, CLIPART, TABLES, etc. that you choose to develop that support your presentation. Feel free to use EXCEL or POWERPOINT to supplement WORD.
  3. The total length of the paper, including cover page, bibliography, supporting charts/tables and typed text should be about seven (7) to ten (10) pages. You will submit a hard-copy version to the instructor; electronic submissions will NOT be accepted.


Three elements will be given equal weight:

  1. Visual appeal, layout and organization of the finished document. Did the author produce a polished product? Did the author make best use of  the tools/features available from within the Microsoft Office products used in this course?
  2. Research quality. Does the bibliography support the development of the topic? Are the "web pages" balanced, or are they from a narrow range of sites? Do they relate well to the topic? Are they credible? Can they be checked?
  3. Content of the paper. Does the author develop the topic? Does the author make a point?