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MFC118J Microcomputer Applications 

Fall 2001


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Home Instructor: John Beltrami
E-mail: beltrami@buffalo.edu Office Hours: Before Class and by Appointment

Last Updated: December 14, 2001 9:00 AM
by  John Beltrami, beltrami@buffalo.edu       

12/14/2001 weekend if you see a mistake. The final letter grades will NOT be posted on the web. If you would like notification of your grade please send me an e-mail so that I can reply with your grade. Received (recd) but ungraded work will be finalized and posted on the web by Monday. You may collect your paper assignments at my office Monday through Friday of next week. You may want to call in advance to be sure that I will be available at the time you expect to visit.

12/08/2001 Assignments received through today are posted with unofficial point totals on the Assignments Page. Please check to see if your work has been recorded properly. No outstanding work will be accepted later than Thursday, December 13th.

12/04/2001 Estimated Grade Point Totals now available on assignments page.

11/30/2001 IMPORTANT STUFF FOLLOWS - PLEASE READ THE NEXT TWO PARAGRAPHS CAREFULLY: The Last meeting is December 6th. Although all outstanding assignments are due at that time, you will see in your course outline/syllabus that December 13th is the last date that work can be submitted for credit. Use the extra week if you truly need it, but please be aware that late work is still subject to point deductions for tardiness. As always, please advise the instructor if special or unusual circumstances apply to your situation so that he can take that into account.

The topic, Societal Issues, that was originally scheduled for the November 29th lecture will be developed during this class. Other activities will also take place, including a PowerPoint competition for extra credit points for any student who submits a disk that contains a presentation. Any student who reads this passage and shouts out the secret word "Clifford" during this last class at exactly 6:30 PM will receive an extra credit point. Any student who can bring a printed page taken from the internet or a newspaper/magazine to this class by 6:30 PM that describes a crime or act of fraud committed during the year 2001 in which the perpetrators used a computer as the means of attack and in which the net gain to the criminals or cost to the victims was greater than One Million dollars will also receive an extra credit point.

10/22/2001 Grade Changes for the Second Quiz - Question #28 was determined to be faulty, bogus and not very friendly. Everyone will receive credit for this question and the grades were adjusted to reflect that change.

9/7/2001 If you need to know more about your IT Username and Password, see the UB Learns web page for instructions and a picture. http://ublearns.buffalo.edu/

Please remember that you should complete your homework assignments and projects WITHOUT actually sending an e-mail to the instructor. E-mail is reserved for special circumstances and emergencies.

Quick method for documenting laboratory work performed outside of the laboratory: 

1. Open WORD or some similar program and create a simple page with YOUR NAME, Deadline Date, Page Number and Submission Date on the first line. See course outline for more detail.

2. Work on your actual assignment (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc.) and when you are looking at a screen that demonstrates you have done the work, press the PrintScreen key once. This copies the entire image on your screen to the ClipBoard. You may want to minimize all windows except the one you want to capture.

3. Go back to the document you created in step 1 above and PASTE the image from step 2 beneath the header you created. You should see YOUR NAME, Deadline Date, Page Number and Submission Date followed by a reduced size image of the project snapshot you took. Print this single page and submit it to the instructor for credit. You should print one page per assignment.

8/30/01 Special Note: When lab exercises refer to Network drives please think instead in terms of your own floppy, zip or UB drive. The book was written with a laboratory configuration that is different from our own. If you downloaded files to a floppy disk then you should interpret the book's instructions to mean that the files will be found on the floppy disk in drive A. If you incur any problems please contact me at once for further clarification.