Welcome To My Page!!!

First off, my name is Brennan and I am majoring in Computer Science.

I am 18 years old, play hockey, and own a lot of fish. During my free time I usually am sleeping, playing NHL, or hanging out with friends.

My birthday is in October, the 14th to be exact. A fun fact about my birthday is that I share the same birthday with my elementary school principal.

I pretty much have the best job in the world, I work at the Hamburg Town Arena and get paid to be a skate guard. Honestly, what's better than that?

Another fun fact about me is that I really like Chipotle. Like really enjoy it to the point where I had to stop going for a while because I ate it too much.

Some of the hobbies I enjoy are:
Hockey (obviously) Playing recreational sports like Soccer
Sleeping Playing NHL and Call of Duty
Texting/Snapchatting during class (Sorry) Watching football and hockey
Ice Skating Roller blading

Some hockey teams I enjoy watching are:
  • The Buffalo Sabres
  • The Chicago Blackhawks
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins

Some hockey teams I do not enjoy watching are:
  • The Montreal Canadiens
  • The Nashville Predators
  • The Edmonton Oilers
  • The Washington Capitals
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs