Projects†††††††††† Redesigning a Walgreens: Used Algorithms and other methods to determine optimal resource allocation for Walgreens (Facilities Design, Spring 2015)

-†††††††††† Smart TV Remote Design: Designed a Smart TV Remote that would cater to the human body in an optimal manner, prioritizing efficiency and simplicity (Human Factors, Spring 2015)

-†††††††††† Improving Google+: Determine the reason for Google Plusís unsuccessful venture in social media, and design a new UI for Google+ in a manner that would solve its existing problems (Human Computer Interaction, Fall 2015)

-†††††††††† Determining Optimal Hospital Resource Allocation: Optimized Resource Allocation for a Hospital Wing (Systems Engineering Practicum, Fall 2015)

-†††††††††† Designed a Smart Phone App for Jamba Juice Ė Designed a new, more ergonomic Jamba Juice Application(Systems Engineering Practicum, Fall 2015)