Busybodies:  New Puritans
taken from:  Timely Topics, Aquilina
(Heinle-Heinle Publishers, 1993)

Main Idea:  Some companies have lost sight of the American value of "tolerance".  Tolerance is allowing others to do things you may disagree with, as long as you are not harmed.  Some companies want people to do what the companies feel is "correct".  These companies have become intolerant of specific behaviors of employees.


1.    List some of the examples given of the intolerance of certain companies toward their employees.

2.    Why have certain companies become so intolerant?

3.    What counter-argument is given in support of the companies' behavior?  Do you agree with this

4.    The "busybodies" are put into three categories:
            a)  conformity seekers (everyone should do this...)
            b)  legal nit pickers  (we must enforce even the smallest illegal act such as "picking flowers from
                someone's home)
            c)  politically correct thought police (that's not the right way to think or behave)

        *Give some examples of these from the article.