The Handsome Flower

Plant Recommendations for a Healthy Garden in Southern New York

Austin Cutler

I love nature, hiking, and being outdoors. I am the founder of Cutler's Contracting, a small company operating in Northern Westchester.

The Lilac

The lilac is a flowering tree with many varieties which grow to different sizes and bloom various colors, ranging from white to purple. Dead flowers must be trimmed back each fall to allow blooms to form the following year.

The Lily

The lily has many different varieties and comes in a wide selection of colors. Lilies do not invasively procreate and come back in the same spot each year, making them a great choice for a long lasting, beautiful garden.

The Hibiscus

As a small species of flowering tree, the hibiscus makes a wonderful addition to any garden, with its vibrant flowers which come in a wide spectrum of colors. Since it is native to tropical areas, each hibiscus plant must be brought in during the Winter in order to survive.

The Hydrangea

The hydrangea is a very hearty bush with large flowers which vary in color, based on the acidity of the soil which the plant is in, ranging from white to deep blue, allowing for multiple different colored flowers on the same plant. The endless summer hydrangea is a variety which gets to be fairly large, returns each year, and blooms for a long span of time, making it a great choice for keeping color in a garden year round.