A Little About Me...

My name is Charlynda Winkley and I'm building both this site and a blog for ICO 507 as part of the Master's in Informatics Program. While pursuing a graduate degree part-time, I'm also employed full-time here at UB as the Assistant Director of Web Services for the Office of the Vice Provost of Enrollment and Planning.

As part of the Enrollment and Plannning Web Team, my responsibilities include project planning and management, development of information architecture, interface design, site development and usability testing. I also oversee our new team of undergraduate assistants, and will soon be managing the ongoing maintenance of all of our sites.

Prior to taking a job here at UB this summer, I worked for three and a half years at Choice One OnLine in downtown Buffalo as a Senior Graphic Designer. My main focus was interface design, though I also worked in multimedia, print and project management. Some of my layouts include the National Aviary, Rich Products, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, the Rochester Red Wings and Allegiance Health. My full portfolio can be found at charlynda.com, which is currently a bit outdated.

My Philosophy

"Form follows function-that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." - Frank Lloyd Wright

As an interface designer with some background in marketing - I fully understand the appeal of an aesthetically pleasing site. However, as a developer with database design and programming skills - I understand that user needs should be first and foremost in the design of any website or application.

Therefore, I've made it my goal to become more educated about web standards, while still trying to build sites that are visually appealing. It can be a challenge (and I still have a ton to learn), but the results are well worth it.