About IMR

We at IMR have your best interests at heart. We are an orginization that focuses on delivering safe and wholesome media of all types to you, our community. On this site you'll find various examples of what we stand for: making your media browsing experirence clean and inoffensive to the best of our ability. We keep everyone in mind and only greenlight media as safe for all of our followers after it is put through a rigorous vetting process. Anything that is reported to us that may be unsettling or offensive to even just one of the IMR family we do our best to make sure that it is taken down or changed in some way so that it fits our guidelines of safe media.

What is Safe Media?

Safe media is anything in the multimedia space that does not cause offence to any group, association, or singular person. If you feel uncomfortable while viewing a video then that is unsafe media. Safe media does exist, to some extent, outside of the IMR vetting process but examples of this are few and far between. So for your best and safest media browsing experience, make sure that whatever you view has the IMR seal of approval or you run the risk of viewing unsafe media.

Other safe media advocates

Some other organizations and sites that share similar passion and understanding for media that is safe enough for all.

  • One Million Moms

    Though they may not share all of IMR's ideals and practices, One Million Moms has been a long-time advocate for "cleaning up trash in today's media" which is always respected in the IMR community.

  • American Family Association

    One of IMR's greatest influences, AFA has been in the safe media game longer than any other organization of note.

Newest upload


How to play GTA

The GTA series has been shrowded in controversy and for good reason. It is one of the most offensive game series ever to be let to roam the mediascape. However, IMR has once again done the impossible. We have come up with a short and concise guide to play one of these games in order to make sure that your media integrity stays alive even in the face of such black mark on video games as a whole.