Ali Steinmetz


A picture of me on my eighteenth birthday


I am currently a freshman at UB, and am a communications major. Originally from Rochester, UB is not to far from my home-town. I plan to graduate with a dual degree in Communications and Business, as well as have a minor in Political Science and Sociology. After undergraduate school, I would like to move on to graduate school to obtain an MBA. In addition to classes, I am apart of the UB dance team, and perform at all the football and basketball games. I have danced for many years, and am glad to be continuing it at college. I'm excited to see where UB brings me in the future.

Career Objective:

Although I am not quite sure what I want my specific career to be, I am confident in the majors and minors I have chosent to study. Like stated previously, I am planning on obtaining a dual degree in Communications and Business, with minors in Political Science and Sociology. I am hoping to make it to grad school to receive and MBA. I am very optimistic in the possibilities for what my career will be, as I have picked broad enough majors where I could part-take in many different opportunities. However, I am leaning towards the field of Public Relations and Human Resources, yet have also considered law school to be a corporate attorney.

Educational Background:

I recently graduated from my local high-school, Greece Athena, in the spring/summer of 2015. I graduated with a Salutatory Degree, and high honor roll. My graduating class consisted of 400 people, and I was one of 100 that received a degree of high honors. I took a few AP's throughout my time in high-school, such as Calculus, Statistics, English, and U.S. history, and was able to bring a few credits to UB. I excel in areas of writing and reading, yet also enjoy some math courses. I will attend UB for all four years of my undergraduate career, but am undecided about where I will complete my graduate education and studies.

Work Experience:

  1. Carbones Pizzeria
  2. Victors Gymastics Training Center
  3. A Touch of Dance
  4. American Eagle