Ola. I am Armaan Goyal.

A Software Developer and Security Enthusiast, A UB CS Graduate student and a Graduate Researcher at the UBWins Lab.

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Here's all the stuff I do.

An experienced Systems Engineer and a Technology lover, here are few of my basic competencies

Software Development

I have a lot of experience in developing responsive web applications in Java and associated technologies like JavaScript, jquery and handling the database sections uing MySql both at the corporate and academic level.I also posess considerable Android Development experience as well.

Information Assurance

My Masters degree in Computer Science from University at Buffalo is with a major in Advanced Cryptography and Computer Security and I am pursuing an Advanced Information Assurance Certification track being offered under the aegis of CEISARE at UB to further my skills in the IA field.

Networks & Large Scale Distributed Systems

With an interest in Hardware and Networked Systems area, I have equipped myself with skills like Software Defined Routing, Routing and Switching config, Socket Programming, UNIX Network Programming and I am pursuing a CCNA certification.

Here is a bit more detail about my skills

Skills and Competencies I have acquired over the course of my work experience and education

  • Programming using Java, C, C++, embedded C,and C#
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, Shell
  • Android Application Development
  • HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap
  • Code Versioning - Git, SVN
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite
  • Cryptography, Network Security, Penetration Testing
  • Network Administration
  • Router & Switch Configuration
  • Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse, Intelli J, Matlab, Wireshark, MS Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visio, Windows Active Directory
  • Write Poems and Stories

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

These projects have been worked on as part of my curriculum and some as my personal interests.

Crowdsourced Cellular Network Performance

The goal of the project is to study the performance of cellular networks (3G, 4G) in a crowdsourced manner. We will study 3G/4G spatial and temporal coverage. An Android application will be developed to collect performance/coverage metrics.

Amazon Dynamo

A simplified version of Amazon Dynamo style Key value storage. The Dynamo is built into an Android application using Android Studio and it implements Partitioning, Replication, Concurrency, Failure Handling. The application was implemented using Chain based replication to provide linearizability.

Multilingual Tweet Search Engine

A complete search-based solution in Java for parsing and indexing of a corpus of mutlilingual Tweets (English, German, French and Russian). The model implements faceted search, content tagging and LDA topic modelling using Alchemy API

Post-Quantum Primtives For Constrained Environments

Analyzed security characteristics in Code-based, Hash-based, Multi-Variate Quadratic and Lattice Based Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms and worked on mitigating Post-Quantum primitives to resource-constrained devices and analyze security characteristics in great details.

Multi Client chat and Distributed File sharing system

A server assisted Multi client chat application using C++ that works on Linux Environment like a shell functionality providing several options to the clients like Logging in and out, Message buffering, Client blocking, One on One chat as well as Broadcast functionality and server side statistics

Premium Service Portal-An AMEX exclusive application

Developed the Recent Activity module for the application; which tracks any activity in the customer's data or bookings done on the portal and maintain an ordered list of these updates and show them on the dashboard as links that take the user directly to the option of reviewing it.

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