Accessible Design in Public Housing: NYCHA Staff Training Program

Version 4.0 July 9, 2001

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Edward Steinfeld and Danise Levine, 2001
Additional information Vehicular Circulation
Passenger Loading Zones
Section 4.1.1(7)
In NYCHA developments, such
loading zones may have to be 
located on public streets. Such
locations would limit the design 
and use of these zones since they
cannot encroach on public 
Passenger loading zone
Note: This illustration shows a loading zone in a public street.

Figure 1

Is there a sign displaying the international symbol of accessibility (ISA) at the passenger loading zone?

Section 4.6.5
Is there a pedestrian aisle parallel to
the vehicle pull-up space? (see Figure 1)

Is the pedestrian aisle at least 5 feet wide by 20 feet long? (see Figure 1)

If there is a curb between the pedestrian aisle and the vehicle space,
is there a curb ramp? (see Figure 1)

Is the pedestrian aisle and vehicle pull up space level, with no slope greater than 1:50? (see Figure 1)

Section 4.3.6;4.5.1 
Is the pedestrian aisle and parking surface stable, firm, and slip-resistant? (see Figure 1)

Section 4.6.6
Is there at least 114 inches vertical clearance at accessible loading zone and along the vehicle access route to the passenger loading zone from the site entrance? 

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