Accessible Design in Public Housing: NYCHA Staff Training Program

Version 4.0 July 9, 2001

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Edward Steinfeld and Danise Levine, 2001
Additional information Path of Travel
Section 4.3.5
Cracked walk
Figure 1

Is the pathway free of hazards to people with visual impairments?

Section 4.5.4
Gratings along route of travel

Gratings can catch the wheels of wheelchairs and the tips of 

Long dimension of grating perpendicular 
to route of travel. 

Close up section through grating.


Figure 2

Is the smaller dimension of grating openings no more than 1/2 inch, and are long dimensions of rectangular spaces placed perpendicular to the usual direction of travel?


Section 4.3.7

Figure 3

Is the slope of the accessible pathway no greater than 1:20?


Cross slope for walk that is not crowned.
Figure 4

Is the cross slope of accessible pathway no greater than 1:50?

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