Accessible Design in Public Housing: NYCHA Staff Training Program

Version 4.0 July 9, 2001

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Edward Steinfeld and Danise Levine, 2001
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Community Rooms
ALS (Assistive Listening System)
Section 4.1.2(18)
Types of Listening Systems

Induction loops, infrared systems, 
both FM and AM radio frequency
systems, hard-wired earphones, 
and other equivalent devices are 
among the acceptable types of 
listening systems.

Sound enters the microphone, is amplified 
and processed before being used to 
modulate the infrared emitter. The optical 
signal leaves the emitter and is picked up 
by the photodiode on the receiver which 
then amplifies the sound before sending it 
to the earpiece transducers.

Personal FM system offers hearing 
assistance for individual use. 

FM amplification personal hearing system. 
ALS logo on door
Figure 1

If the area has an audio-amplification system, is there a listening system for persons with severe hearing loss?

If the area is used primarily as meeting or conference space or has no amplification system, is there a permanently installed or portable listening system?

Note that if the ALS provided 
serves individual fixed seats, then
those seats must be located within
50 feet viewing distance of the 

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