Seneca Park Zoo Database

The Seneca Park Zoo, located in the city of Rochester, NY, was opened in 1893 by Frederick Law Olmstead Sr. In 1957, The Seneca Park Zoo Society was chartered. This society and the zoo connect and promote the zoo through special events, educational programs, marketing, and fundraising. Special events are a large portion of these promotions. Currently, the special events held at the Seneca Park Zoo are Jungle Jog, Zoobilation, ZooBoo, and ZooBrew. If you would like to know a little more about the zoo, please see our video: Seneca Park Zoo

The proposed database will condense large, three ring binders for each of the mentioned events and break it down into one concise database. For each event a table will display all corresponding data and produce detailed reports that will prove to be very insightful in business decisions.