Anders P. Hakansson, Ph. D.


Profesor of Infection Medicine

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B. Med. 1993. Lund University, Lund Sweden
Ph. D. 2000. Lund University, Lund Sweden. Ph.D. mentor: Dr. Catharina Svanborg.

Post-doctoral training
Post-doc mentor (2000-2002): Dr. David Briles, UAB, Birmingham, AL.
Post-doc mentor (2002-2006): Dr. Michael Wessels, Children's Hospital Boston / Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

Former positions
Instructor. Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA (2005-2006)
Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY, USA (2006-2014)

Administrative services LU
Deputy Member. Tenure, promotions and hiring committee (LFN) (2015-)
Deputy Member. Departmental board (2015-)

Service to the profession
Editorial board member, Infection and Immunity (2010-)
Editorial board member Journal of Infectious Diseases (2014-)

Editorial board member, WebMed Plus (2012-)
Ad-hoc reviewer, Medical Research Council, UK (2013-)
Ad-hoc reviewer, The Wellcome Trust (2015-)
Ad-hoc reviewer, The Swiss Medical Research Council (2015-)
Ad-hoc reviewer, Lakarsallskapet (2016)