Media coverage

Since starting my independent laboratory our research has obtained the following media attention related to different projects:

2017       Media commentary antibiotic resistance
Swedish Television (SVT) Science Division : “So can difficult-to-kill bacteria be stopped”. By: Tim Leffler (Feb. 9, 2017; In Swedish)

2014-16  Media response to vaccine studies
Lund University News:Targeted vaccine can be come new weapon against deadly pneumococci.” By: Björn Martinsson (June 8, 2016; In Swedish).
University at Buffalo News: Vaccine watches bacteria, stirs only when trouble occurs.” By: Cory Nealon (June 7, 2016).
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: “Promising hybrid delivery system for DNA vaccines developed.” (Nov. 26, 2014).
Vaccine News: “A new way of delivering vaccines developed in Buffalo.” (November 26, 2014).

2016       Media response to NIH funding
NIH News Release: “New NIH awards will support development of therapeutic alternatives to traditional antibiotics.” (Jan. 11, 2016).
EurekAlerts (AAAS): New NIH awards will support development of therapeutic alternatives to traditional antibiotics.” (Jan. 11, 2016).

2015       Media response to MacDonald B et al. Anesthesiology 2015.
John Hopkins Medicine: “Study in mice suggests how anesthesia may fight lung infection.” By: Marin Hedin (Sept 1, 2015).

2015-16  Media response to Medical Research Council grant on antibiotic resistance (in Swedish):
Focus Research:Breastmilk protein can become new weapon against antibiotic resistance.” By: Björn Martinsson and Kennet Ruona. (Feb 24, 2016).
Swedish Radio: “Breast milk makes bacteria sensitive to antibiotics.” (25 Jan, 2015)
Swedish Television: “Resistant bacteria are fought by breast milk.” (25 Jan, 2015).

2014 Media regarding Evincor, LLC.
Buffalo News: “Building a biotech industry: 207 companies and counting”. By Stephen T. Watson. (January 26, 2014).

2013-14 Media response to Marks et al Infect Immun 2014:
Original coverage:
UB in the News: “Toys, books, cribs can harbor bacteria for long periods, study finds”. By Ellen Goldbaum (December 23, 2013).
SMBS News: “Study reveals common bacteria lingering on surfaces, may spread”. By Suzanne Kashuba. (January 9, 2014).
CBS News (40 afilliates)
: “Health watch: Bacteria linger on surfaces linger than expected”. (December 23, 2013).
CBS News WIVB-Buffalo: On camera interview with Peter Ostrow. (December 26, 2013). By Mikaela Åkerman. (December 27).
PBS News Hour: “Biologists find harmful bacteria on toys, books and cribs, even after cleaning (December 27).
Washington Post: “Strep bacteria linger long after cleaning (December 28, 2013).
New England Journal of Medicine: “Biofilms promotes streptococcal survival  in the environment”. By: Richard T. Ellison III. (January 15, 2014).
Also covered by: Chicago Tribune, Buffalo News, Yahoo News, The Examiner, Huffington Post, Futurity, Zeenews, The National Post, News Max Health, Science News Line,, etc.

2013 Media Response to Marks et al MBio 2013:
Original coverage:
UB in the News: “From harmless colonizers to virulent pathogens: UB microbiologists identify what triggers disease.” By Ellen Goldbaum (August 6).
Nature Magazine: Highlight: Infectious Diseases. “Flu makes bacteria go bad”. Nature. 2013: 500:124.
NPR Health Blog: “What makes good bacteria go bad? It’s not them it is you”. By Deborah Franklin (August 8).
This week in Microbiology: “TWiM#62: Braking bad and protein chain mail”. Podcast by Microbe world, American Society of Microbiology.
UB in the News: “UB study reveals how colonizing bacteria become virulent.” By Alexandra Edelblute (September 26).
Scientific American: “Breaking bad: bacteria-style” 2013; 309: 18 (Advances section; December issue). By Robyn Braun.
Also covered by: Health News Digest, Science Codex, Infection Control Today, Futurity, Wyoming Public Radio, WVXU-FM, WHQR-FM, WEKU-
FM, WBUR-FM, WUNC-FM, WRVO-FM, Iowa Public Radio, Medical News Today, etc.

2013 Media Response to Marks et al PLoS One 2013:
Original coverage:
UB in the News: Researchers reverse antibiotic resistance in superbugs. by Charlotte Hsu. (May 1).
Science Magazine: “ScienceShot: Killing bacteria, with a little help from breast milk.” by Beth Skwarecki. (May 2).
Inside Science: “Breast-milk protein may help defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” by Ryder Diaz. (May 1). 
The Scientist:  “Re-sensitizing resistant bacteria” by Dan Cossins. (May 2).
BBC Radio: The Naked Scientist: Killing bacteria with breast milk.”
HealthLine: “Breast-milk protein called HAMLET helps kill dangerous hospital “superbugs”  by Sandy Calhoun Rice. (May 2). 
Buffalo Business First: “ Health benefits cited in breast milk.” by Tracey Drury (May 3).
Also covered by: Science daily, Yahoo News, Nature World News, Smithsonian Magazine, EurekAlert, Science codex, Arab News, The International, RTT News, RedOrbit, Independent online, and more…

2012 Media response to Marks et al MBio 2012:
UB in the News: How does Antibiotic Resistance Spread? UB Scientists Find Answers In the Nose.” by Ellen Goldbaum. November 19, 2012.
Also covered by: Science Daily, Futurity,, Buffalo Business First, Digital Journal

Central RF SUNY web site:
Protein complex in mother’s milk may offer lead to new antibiotics.
by Ellen Goldbaum.

American Lung Association News Letter:
Can Breast Milk Hold the Key to Novel Pneumonia Treatment?”
Researcher profile. Winter issue.

UB Today:
Solution seekers by Charlotte Hsu. Researcher profile. Fall 2010 issue. Pages 12-17.

The Buffalo Physician:
The mentor model”. Researcher profile. Spring/Summer issue. Pages 16-19.

Impact:Studies explore actions of protein found in breast milk”. Researcher profile. Annual Report on Research and Creative Activity at the University at Buffalo. Pages 10-11.

2009 Media response to receiving The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration grant:
UB Business First: “Gates Foundation funds UB Researcher. (May 4)
UB Reporter: UB received Gates Foundation grant”. by Lois Baker. (May 27)
Microbiana: UB received $100,000 Grand Challenges Exploration Grant for Innovative Global Health Research.” (May 4).  

Interviewed on biological functions of human milk:
Oprah Magazine: "Is breast-milk covered by health insurance?" by Bonnie Rochman. March issue.