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This website was developed by Dan Graffam, JD Klemm, Aimee Levesque, and Amanda Oliver; first-year LIS students in Dr. Ying Sun's LIS506A course, Intro to Information Technology.

The UB DLIS Program offers many great opportunities for students including academic enrichment, employment preparation and social networking.

This website will help aid your survival in the UB Department of Library and Information Sciences (DLIS) program. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, something to snack on and explore the links and resources that we have included at the bottom of this page and other pages on this site for your first-year convenience!


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Baldy Computer Lab Hours - Baldy 14a PC Lab Schedule. To schedule this room request access here

Distance Learners - If you are a student enrolled in a distance education course through the University at Buffalo, you can use this guide to help you take advantage of the many resources available online through the University Libraries--resources that can assist you with your day-to-day coursework as well as your class papers and projects.

Guide to Poster Presentations - Designing effective poster presentations is an art unto itself. This guide provides resources to make the process easier.

Helpful Websites - A list of sites and resources that will help first-year students and beyond!

Important LIS Information/Forms - The Graduate School of Education provides PDF versions of documents necessary for students to complete their graduate degrees.

Incoming UB LIS Student Info - This web site has been designed to provide you with helpful information about being a graduate student at UB, as well as information about the Department of Library and Information Studies

Just for Fun - Library life isn't all work and no play! Visit this site for a little R&R!

Library Job Listings - Various websites that list library jobs in NY and beyond!







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...that UB ranks first among the country’s public research universities, and 12th among American colleges and universities, in international enrollment?!





MyUB - Your one-stop portal for UB information - learn how to use MY UB, access course schedules, register for classes, and more!

UB ALA Student Survival Guide - For those of you who have not been to school in some time, and for those of you who are more familiar with smaller institutions, UB can be somewhat overwhelming. This page is designed to help you navigate your way around campus, and to offer some straight-forward information on how the LIS program works. This page was created with the help of a few faculty, and by fellow students.

UB GSE Homepage - UB Graduate School of Education Homepage

UB IT Department - Find all things computer-related at UB IT's page including guides and FREE software like Symantec AntiVirus and Microsoft Office 2007!

UB Learns - Your gateway to Blackboard.

UB Libraries - University at Buffalo Libraries provide resources for students, faculty and the public.

UB LIS Homepage - The UB Department of Library and Information Studies (DLIS) Homepage

UB Professional and Student Organizations - As a University at Buffalo LIS student, you have access to a variety of associations and groups on both a local and national level. Becoming a member in these groups will keep you updated on emerging technology, new developments in the profession, and most importantly help you find the perfect career based on your interests.

UB Student Survival Guide Blog - Blog created by studnets for students! Visit the blog and post away!!