Ami Lake

Personal statement

Hi my name is Ami Lake.

I am currently a student in the Masters of Library Science program at University at Buffalo. The past six years I worked in the library at Canisius College in Buffalo. It was there I gained in depth knowledge and experience while working in the circulation and interlibrary loan departments. My work in the library inspired me to further my studies and enter the MLS program.

I have included in my website not only my library interests but my other interests as well. I believe a good librarian is a well rounded and open person with knowledge and experiences in a variety of areas. I strive to have a knowledge base that spans many areas and to be a great librarian. I love the idea that a librarian can branch out in so many ways -- books, technology, art, music, science. Knowing how to set people off in a direction that will move them forward in the world even in some small way is something I find inspirational and admirable.