About me:

I'm a Ph.D. student at the University at Buffalo, where I work in the Buffalo Babylab under the supervision of Dr. Marieke van Heugten.

Broadly, I study language processing at the level of sentence structures and speech sounds, in both children and adults. More specifically, my research interests include syntactic and phonological adaptation, the nature of phonological representations, computational models of phonological learning, and how phonological cues (such as accent) shape both linguistic exectations and social judgments.

In my work, I often employ eyetracking technology to help me make inferences about people's cognitive processes.


Educational Background and Skills


B.S., Psychology

University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

I completed my B.S. in psychology having gained experience in advance statistics, research design and implementation, and data analysis.

2016 - present

Ph.D., cognitive psychology

SUNY at Buffalo

Today, I conduct research in the area of language processing under the supervision of Dr. Marieke van Heugten.

Programming and Related Skills

Experience in Javascript, Python, Perl, and Java. Some familiarity with MATLAB, as well as with the Tensorflow library. I also have experience in working with large datasets, as well as text processing and text extractions techniques for tagged and untagged corpora/language databases.

Statistical Expertise

Experience with R and SPSS. I have experience with a wide subset of statistical techniques, including principal components analysis/singular value decomposition, linear mixed-effects models, and logistic regression.

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