Whats going on?

Why do we care so much about these stories?

We have never met these people before, they have no idea who we are. So why is it so important in our lives who this celebrity is dating or how much weight they lost? Its not like this is effecting our lives.
We care because he do not want to focus on our own lives. We care way more about what is going on with other people that we do not focus on what is happening in our lives and deal with our own problems. We may also do This to make ourselves feel better about our lives. When we gossip about celebrities or people in our lives its to make us seem like we are so much better then them. "Oh look at that slut! I am a way better person!" "Did you here so and so went bankrupt!? That makes my life seem so much better."
Now don't get me wrong I love paying attention to this stuff also. I hate watching the news but the second there is a celebrity that goes bankrupt or there is an award show I get all interested. But it is also important for our generation, the first generation to really grow up completely surrounded by all this media and news, that we pay attention to things that will effect our lives. Pay attention to what is happening in other countries, who is running for your congress(wo)man, the people in your everyday life that you interact with. Because in the end these are the things that will effect your life the most, not whether Kendall Jenner got collagen or not.